Ramadan Mubarak

The Imam's Council of Windsor has confirmed that
first day of Ramadan will be Monday May 6th, 2019
As we embrace the blessed month of Ramadan, the Windsor Islamic Association wishes you all a blessed and rewarding month of Ramadan. We pray that Allah (SW) accepts your fasting and worship, and that He (SW) gives us all the success to make the best of good deeds in this blessed month. Alhamdullilah, we are blessed with an exemplary community in its unity, generosity, and commitment to a better tomorrow for all.
Taraweeh at Windsor Mosque ------------ 10:15pm (starting Sunday)
  • Led by Imam Mohamed Mahmoud
Taraweeh at Central Park Athletics ------ 10:15pm (starting Sunday)
(3400 Grand Marais Road East)
  • Led by Imam Yousef Wahb


Ramadan  - Masjid Rules
  1. The elevator capacity is not more than 900 kgs or maximum of 10 persons
  2. No playing whatsoever in the Gym by the youth during the month
  3. The windows at the ladies section must be kept closed all the time
  4. No chairs or tables are to leave the mosque under no circumstances
  5. No running or playing in the parking lot during praying
  6. No splashing water on each others by the youth under any circumstances.
  7. No sitting on the marble at the entrance of the masjid, its only for donation boxes and not for sitting
  8. Follow traffic and security instructions by the volunteers
  9. No food/Iftars are to be place at the front lobby at any time
  10. All kids should remain with their parents. No kids are allowed outside during salah
  11. Parents to follow the volunteers instructions for babysitting timing and coordination
  12. With late prayers time, please leave the masjid when done so we do not bother our neighbors
  13. A designated doctor will be in the masjid during Ramadan for emergency needs
  14. Please do not touch any of the fans or thermostats
  15. Please use the designated bins for garbage
  16. Please report suspicious activities, damages, special needs, or issues to the Board members or head of volunteer teams
  17. Zakat can be dropped in the boxes or at the treasurer Office.
  18. We will have Imams rotations between centers during Ramadan
  19. Street parking is allowed on the north side of Northwood between 9:30 pm and 12 pm during Ramadan
  20. Look for posters for Ramadan programs by our Imams and youths