Congratulations to Dr. Gord Jasey for receiving the 2019 Herb Gray Harmony Awards


Volunteering, service and dedication play vital roles in any community, especially if there is to be development and prosperity.  Dr. Gord Jasey, the pioneer of the Windsor Islamic Association, is a ‘Champion’ in this cause and a ‘Jewel’ of our community.  A husband, a father, a grandfather, a physician and a Muslim pioneer of our Windsor foundation.

      Dr. Jasey arrived from Lebanon at a young age. He settled in Alberta, Nova Scotia and finally Ontario. He finished Medical School at Dalhousie University. He followed his brother’s footsteps and came to Windsor. In 1956, he started practice in Windsor and worked at Ford Hospital in 1957 as an OBGYN.

      In 1956, he formed the Windsor Islamic Youth Association. The purpose was to promote our ‘Cultural and Religious’ aspects to the Windsor community, to advocate ‘Community Participation‘ and ingrain the ‘Idea of Service’, which he all credits to his father’s teachings.  

      By the 1960’s, the Muslim population was significantly growing. The property on the corner of Northwood and Dominion was purchased and the Windsor Mosque was established in September of 1969. In 1986, he formed the Arab Canadian Orientation Centre which helped and enabled Muslim immigrants to settle in Canada.

      Dr. Jasey, is a great symbol, of a Muslim Canadian professional who has committed his life to ongoing service and volunteering.  He has been given the ‘Order of Cedars Humanitarian Medal of Honour’, the ‘ Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship’, he is a 2X ‘Diamond Jubilee Medal Award’ recipient from Queen Elizabeth’, has served on the ‘Board for the Lebanese World Union’, the ‘Windsor Police Board’, the ‘Essex County Medical Society‘, was Chief of OBGYN at Grace Hospital for 15 years and has committed years and years of service to the Windsor Islamic Association.  Besides all of these accomplishments, he has delivered thousands of Windsorite babies, including myself.

  My parents were part of the Muslim Community back in the 1960’s. It was a very small community, especially compared to today’s standards, but they were strong willed and dedicated in forming a brighter future.  My parents would always tell me the story, of how Dr. Jasey brought his portable television with a generator, to the Holiday Beach Community Picnic, so members could watch history being made. It was the ‘Moon Landing’. Always thinking of others and the community. This vision and dedication, led by Dr. Jasey, helped carry them to our present day existence, on the corner of Northwood and Dominion. 

      Dr. Jasey is the true example of a ‘Great Canadian’, who has given his time and energy unconditionally, to his own community and the Windsor community at large.  May Allah bless him and his family, for all of their insurmountable contributions to the existence of the Windsor Islamic Association.  His contributions will never be forgotten.  Dr. Gord Jasey is a true Champion, now and forever. 

Dr. Sinan Yasarlar 
Director of Media & PR WIA

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Watch it on YouTube, 2019 Champion Award – Dr. Gordon Jasey – Herb Gray Gala